Tim Morse

Tim Morse


Tim has worked on prestigious and demanding projects for a number of high profile clients. His experience ranges from managing large scale new build construction to ambitious refurbishment projects within occupied spaces. Tim has built a reputation for successfully delivering projects for both public and private sector clients, private developers, museums, retail and hotel clients and various client groups within the residential sector.

If you weren’t a Project Manager what would you be?

A Quantity Surveyor of course! Or maybe a struggling wine maker (if I had the patience…)

What are the key challenges that are likely to affect your sector in the next five years?

The extent to which buildings impact on the environment must change. In addition to the more sustainable building methods and technologies, I think that the impact of the social changes required to combat global warming will ultimately be the bigger catalyst for change. Remote working will inevitably impact residential and infrastructure projects. Issues such as the acceptability and viability of material importation, and even macro level migration will drive the need to keep building, but differently.

What is your favourite city in the world?

Well they say when you have tired of London, you have tired of life itself…but Paris just edges it for me. The sheer scale and beauty of one singular architectural vision is a testament to what can be achieved when great architecture is teamed up with effective project and programme management.

What is the best book you’ve ever read and why?

Maybe not the best book I’ve read…but Eugene Onegin by the Russian poet Pushkin is a work of genius. It’s a novel told in verse composed almost entirely of 14 line rhyming stanzas; one day maybe all our project reports will follow the same convention…