Shauna Noonan

Shauna Noonan

Shauna is a motivated and confident quantity surveyor.  She is a pro-active, focussed individual who is a fast learner with a strong work ethic.

Why did you want to become a QS?

Since I was a little girl I have always had a huge interest in architecture, engineering and the built environment. ‘Grand Designs’ and ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ were my favourite shows to watch growing up (and still are!).

Give an interesting fact that nobody knows about you?

I love to travel and have been all over the world solo. I am specifically interested in off the beaten track, less travelled destinations. I am now a mum, so I am no longer a solo traveller, but I bring my son everywhere with me and he loves the adventures!

What’s the greatest invention ever?

The radio. Music can make everything better.