Kristyna Francova

Kristyna Francova


Kristyna has managed projects from inception through to completion with a particular focus on procurement and the subsequent management of contracts. She has experience working in live environments, across retail and commercial sectors and is a highly skilled Contract Administrator and Employer’s Agent.

What are the key challenges that are likely to affect your sector in the next five years?

I think the key challenge for our industry will be to continue meeting the various sustainability pledges made. Helping clients to realise their project visions in this developing environment will be equally challenging and rewarding.

Why did you want to become a Project Manager?

I originally wanted to work in film production as I enjoy moving around a lot and organising things and people. I also considered becoming an architect; I love design and I am generally interested in art. Now I am a project manager and my work includes all of these things. I have had chance to work with many great architects and clients from various sectors including arts and culture. I love that my day is never the same.

Give an interesting fact that nobody knows about you?

Many people know that I like to paint in my free time, but might not know that I also love climbing.

What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

Listen to your mum!