Joshua Senyonjo

Joshua Senyonjo

Joshua is a dedicated, committed project manager with over ten years’ experience in the construction industry.

Why did you want to become a PM?

Becoming a project manager was like discovering the perfect blend of my love for problem-solving, creativity, and the thrill of seeing big ideas come to life. It’s this dynamic dance of turning architectural dreams into real, tangible structures that drew me in. I love the challenge of orchestrating diverse teams, managing budgets, and tackling unexpected twists on-site. There’s an incredible satisfaction in being part of the driving force behind a project’s journey from a 2D plan to a stunning reality.

What is your favourite building and why?

The Sydney Opera House has always fascinated me. It’s iconic design is a harmonious blend of creativity and engineering prowess. The way it stands as a symbol of human achievement and artistic expression is awe-inspiring. The interplay of light and shadows on its unique shell-like structures adds an ethereal quality, making it a timeless masterpiece.

If you weren’t a PM what would you be?

If I wasn’t a project manager, you’d probably find me donning a chef’s hat. The idea of transforming raw ingredients into culinary works of art has always been a tantalizing alternative.