Opening Up the Royal Opera House

April 2017

Last month an exciting (and for some, rather nerve-racking) milestone was passed on the Open Up Project at the Royal Opera House (ROH). Central to the project is the principal of opening up the building to make it more welcoming and accessible to visitors throughout the day and evening.


The transformation of the main foyer at ground level is at the heart of the changes being made and earlier this year work began to remove the concrete piers holding up the cast iron and glass structure that is the impressive Paul Hamlyn Hall. By doing this, the public will in future be met by an expansive, open elevation as they view the ROH on Bow Street.


To allow the piers to be removed, a large transfer truss spanning 17 metres and weighing a hefty 14 tonne was carefully installed to take the load of the building above. Completed over a period of a few weeks, the truss is now successfully doing its intended job, with minimal deflection sustained and no impact on the Paul Hamlyn Hall above, which continued to be in public use throughout. Installation of the façade glazing will shortly commence which will further help give a sense of shape the space being created.